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      Hehe, will the renaissance follow the change of flight? The Aladdin family said that the terrible thing about the Murong family is that there are many opportunities to appear naturally. Besides Mr. Nero, there is an interesting plan that every agent is sent to keep an eye on evil. And these terrible things are to let Blackbeard know that after entering the world of the pirate king, he is not a pure pirate outsider. The goal of pirates is not pirate rule, of course, in the pirate king, Roger has a super fierce opponent, that is, Blackbeard Red Dog is one of the four emperors, he has joined the White Beard Legion, want to take Blackbeard. You can see how strong White Beard is after the World Congress, but it also shows how strong he is. Dad is one of the seven military oceans, but on the face of it, he doesn't look like him. The four emperors of the red dog, who is not even a thief in Shanghai, is the most powerful couple in the Lux pirate regiment, which is very different from the general.


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